Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easy Simplicity Sun Dress

Whip up this fast and easy sun dress in time for Memorial Day.  Our project this month starts with Simplicity Pattern 1885, which you can get from their website at www.simplicity.com/p-7458-misses-plus-size-sportswear.aspx or you can purchase at a local fabric shop.  Here is a summary of the instructions for our custom design:
Step 1: Position Piece #2-Back with center back seam 1/2" over fold.  This eliminates the center back seam, which is often used for fitting clothes constructed from woven fabric.

Step 2: Cut Piece #2.  Use safety pins to baste neck pleats.  Set aside.

Step 3: Position Piece #1-Front with center front cut line 1/2" over fabric fold.  Cut around pattern piece.  

Step 4: Use scissors to clip from center front neck to 1/4" diameter circle.

Step 5: Mark and pin neck pleats.  Set aside.

Step 6:  Cut two rectangles of fabric at least 11" on each side.  Use iron to apply Pellon EK 130 Easy Knit Interfacing to wrong sides.

Step 7: Cut a 10"-11" circle from one of the rectangles, then cut a 6" concentric circle from the same piece, creating a ring shape.

A fancy cutting guide like this works great, but tracing around dinner plates will also accomplish the task.

Step 8: Open the ring by using scissors to create two rounded edges.

Step 9: Place right side of open ring onto right side of rectangle. Pin and serge, leaving opening to turn.

Step 10: Turn collar right sides out, press and top stitch all around.

Step 11: Fuse interfacing around arm holes and neck line of front and back pieces.  Turn under fused areas and top stitch.

Step 12: Starting at underarms, serge each side seam.

Step 13: Try on dress or pin dress to dress form.  Pin collar to top of dress.  Top stitch where collar meets top of dress.  Sew button.

Step 14: Press up hem; top stitch and trim.

Supplies: Raglan sleeve dress pattern, approximately 3 yards knit fabric, approximately 1 yard fusible knit interfacing, button.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

oonaballoona: the true monster in my closet

oonaballoona: the true monster in my closet  Our neighbor Oona challenges us to purge any of our creations that are not street ready.  Dump the junk so you will have more room for the fashions we create